Collaborations and Workshops

“So far I have been shooting, directing, and editing my major works, even though I am always open to partnerships and collaborative projects. I strongly believe in the potential of synergy, and I am open to learning new things working alongside artists and ethnographers.”


Francesco has collaborated with photographers, journal editors, filmmakers, artists, professors, and artistic collectives. Among his collaborative projects are:

2016 Videographer and Editor / Brown University, RISD and University of Toronto Press
“LISSA: Still Time” by Prof. Sherine Hamdy. and Prof. Coleman Nye

2015 Cameraman / Holly Gaboriault
“Female Forces: Women in Rhode Island Art” (RI Art Archive Project Film II)

2015 Cameraman and Director of Photography / Holly Gaboriault
Partnership with the Rhode Island Historical Society

2015 Cameraman and Director of Photography / Laura Martinelli
“ASH” – Short Film

2015 Videographer / Stray Creatives
“Your Message Here” by Richard Goulis
“Morning Seminars” Agile for New England
“Into The Deep: the Narragansett Bay plays” (Manton Avenue Theater Project)

2015 Editor / Lina Fruzzetti, Akos Östör (Professor and Visual Ethnographers)
“In My Mother’s House”

2014 Ethnographic Interviews and Editor / Vanessa Vettorello (Photographer)
“The Possible Destination”

2014 Director and Videographer / Lacumbia Film
“Bike to School” by Angelo D’Agostino
“Drops: The Short Movie” by Luca Canale Brucculeri

2011 Editorial Staff and Video Committee
Visual Ethnography (Journal of Visual Anthropology)


Francesco took part to several workshop in which he got the chance to enrich his knowledge and he enter in contact with other fellow filmmakers:

2014 Selected project: The Possible Destination
Genius Voci WU II : Documentarist 8th Edition (Istanbul, Turkey)

2014 Selected project: The Possible Destination
Genius Voci WU I : Festival dei Popoli 55th Edition (Florence, Italy)

2013 Selected Attendee / Locarno Film Festival Ascona (Switzerland)
The Image and the Word 1st Edition

2011 Selected Attendee / SAA Filming in Turin Summer School (Turin, Italy)
Writing and Directing with Daniele Gaglianone

COURTESY: Mike Terry