“I strongly believe in the power of synergy, and I am open to collaborate and learn new things working alongside with fellow artists, filmmakers and ethnographers.”

Francesco has collaborated with photographers, journal editors, professors, journalists and artistic collectives. Among his most recent collaborative projects are:

2019 I Present – Producer, Fixer, Video Editor
Massimoto Media, with Director John Papa
Massimoto Media Italy

2019 I Present – Camera Person
Circle Motion Production, with Director Sara Pagiaro

2019 – Video Editor
Emerson College, with Prof. Anna Feder
Documentary: “Untitled Heroes Project”

2018 I 2019 – Director, Camera Person, Video Editor
Brown University and RISD, with Prof. Sherine Hamdy
Documentary: “The Making of LISSA”

2017 I 2018 – Director, Camera Person, Video Editor
Harvard University, with Prof. John and Prof. Jean Comaroff
Center for African Studies

2017 – Director, Camera Person, Video Editor
RISD Global Initiative, with Prof. Paolo Cardini
Global Futures Lab

2016 – Website Co-Designer and Video Editor
Watson Institute for International Studies, John Mazza and Darren Marinelli
“LISSA: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship and Revolution”

2015 – Director of Photography
Southern New Hampshire University, with Director Laura Martinelli
“ASH” – Short Film

2015 – Website Designer and Co-Video Editor
Brown University with Prof. Lina Fruzzetti and Prof. Akós Östör
Documentary: “In My Mother’s House”

2014 – Ethnographic Interviews and Editor
Independent project with Photographer Vanessa Vettorello
Photo Essay: “The Possible Destination”

2014 I Present – Director, Camera Person, Video Editor
Independent projects with Director Angelo D’Agostino
Lacumbia Film

2011 I Present – Editorial Staff
Visual Ethnography Journal with Prof. Francesco Marano
Journal of Visual Anthropology – Visual Ethnography